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BDO Vineyard


People who know, know BDO

Lincoln Tech

Put your potential to work

Ken Burns and Tauck

America's storyteller

Department of Health

They quit for good

PrintingHouse Press

Who would you trust?

Tauck Land Journeys


Click for a chance to win a prize

Slovenia Vodka

No words necessary

Laurel Road

Coco’s Bakery

It's all good

Ken Burns American Journeys

Content for Tauck tours that are crafted by Ken Burns

Donatello Arm

High end 360 degree video for a fraction of the cost

World Class Tabletop

Snow Globe

Taylor Wine

Tanqueray Ginger Duchess

Lauren Cecchi

Flaming Heart

BDO Holiday Card

JBL: Mariano Rivera

No one is bigger than the game


Once in a lifetime only happens once in a lifetime


Direct work with their internal marketing teams

Hello Fresh

Cooking at home was never this fun

Discover the Forest: Shrek

Get into nature


TriState Holiday

Carver Bank

Bank local


Traffic snacks


There's something about that underwear

Channel One

On Air promotions


Leather seats and Direct TV

Legal Seafoods

No CEOs were harmed in the making of these spot


Wheat field


Public service makes a difference

Post Traumatic Stress

Trauma can manifest as a disease that needs to be properly treated

Gerber Technology

The world of fashion is changing


It's getting hot in here

Linens N Things

Get it off me, get it off me


Big Spender

Holiday Inn

Home sweet Holiday Inn

Mike’s Hard Lemonade

A hard Mike's is good to find

AirFast Tickets

Get outta there fast!


Livingston Miller


“Look at the SMA reel and you will see that our all time best hits have one thing in common: U Direct was the production company, whether we directed ourselves (Smith & Wollensky), or went uptown and hired a director (four BDO spots). The amazing thing is doesn’t matter if the budget is $5,000 (“Stop TB”) or $500,000 (Kyocera), you get the same commitment to excellence and quality.”

Ken Burns

Florentine Films

“I love the vignettes you have produced for us. They are further testimony to your skills and sensitivity and we are, again, so happy to be working with you.”

Vance Kim


“Honestly, you and your team have made me look soooo much smarter and sooooo much more capable than I really am for years. I’m eternally grateful for your work, your professionalism, your patience with me and our crazy work streams and of course, your friendship. My meetings, shoots, editing sessions, scouting and dinners in New York with you have been THE highlight of my professional career. I mean that. You’re good people.”

Brian Flatow

Girardville Miners’ Cooperative

“I have worked with UDirect for nearly 20 years on projects of all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s been on full blown television campaigns for clients like JetBlue and mike’s hard lemonade or quick internal videos for Loews Theatres and Soap.com, UDirect always brings a high level of production value, creativity and professionalism. They are a truly a “go-to” partner who works with you to solve any production or post-production challenge you bring to them.”

Meredith Walters

Channel One Network

“I’ve been working with UDirect for about 16 years. The quality of work on any budget is amazing. I am never disappointed with our end product. The team is always eager to please and can make revisions immediately. Their scope of services makes them my one-stop shop; from brainstorming to graphics to editing to live action, every idea is given priority and what I love most is they offer suggestions as to the best way to accomplish goals. They are flexible and creative. I don’t know why someone would use another company.”

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